Beyond Education.
Feel Activation.

DH University is committed to help You expand
your vision, heal your Life and find your Mission.
Connect to a global Community of Soul Alchemists
and change the world for the better!

Beyond Education.
Feel Activation.

DH University is committed to help You expand
your vision, heal your Life and find your Mission.
Connect to a global Community of Soul Alchemists
and change the world for the better!

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Born in 1975 in the Alpine foothills of Piedmont, in Italy, Damanhur is a Federation of Communities and a worldwide movement, positively impacting the lives of thousands of people engaged in transforming themselves and society for the better. Damanhur has given life to a new society focused on the pursuit of Consciousness through shared life, art and spirituality.
Damanhur Independent University was founded over 40 years ago to share knowledge of this laboratory of training, personal growth, research, and evolution based on over 45 years of practical experience, study and experimentation of Damanhur itself.
A laboratory to experience activations, the energies connected to the Temples of Humankind, and the empowerment of Selfica spiritual technology to accelerate the awakening of the soul and of the human and divine potentials.


Beyond Education. Feel Activation.

Damanhur University is a unique and original way of learning and growing on the Planet, because it "activates" you, supporting and accelerating your evolutionary path, enriches and strengthens it, through the application of extraordinary and unique tools in this era.


Experience the essence and wisdom of over 45 years of life and research of one of the most renowned Spiritual Communities in the world. Take home magical and alchemical tools for a regenerative future, in the realm of social, culture and the environment.


The Temples of Humankind are one of the world's most powerful spiritual centers. Miles of stone labyrinths and the presence of wise trees and nature spirits: the Sacred Woods are a unique setting to root your process of transformation.


A spiritual technology unique to Damanhur. Through Selfica we build physical structures that connect to a specific range of forces in the universe. These forces create “living intelligent” fields, that foster personal and collective evolution and can promote healing and the empowerment of human potential.


The ritual aspects underline the universal value, for the great civilizations of the past and the peoples of nature, of the rhythms of Cosmos, Planets and Seasons. Solstices, Equinoxes, Plenilunums and other lunar and solar phases are integrated in our programs as moments of individual and collective activation, and of connection with the terrestrial and cosmic forces.

Discover what you can experience in Damanhur and around the World

In the last 45 years thousands of people have participated in our retreats, school and courses both in Damanhur in Italy and in many cities around the world. Discover our programs to support you in the awakening of your divine nature.

The University of Damanhur

Studying, elaborating, meditating and contacting deep parts of oneself in sacred places, such as the Temples of Humankind and an entire Sacred Forest, is a unique opportunity, which awakens ancient memories and connects with the sacred and divine part in each one.

As elements of a larger path, the workshops of Damanhur can be experienced individually as unique and thorough explorations of a specific subject, with one or more levels.

The Damanhur schools offer a complete and well-rounded growth path with special care to both individual and group dynamics. Each school gives you access to the expansive experience and teachings of the practical and spiritual vision of Damanhur.

Fast-track your evolution with sacred space, in-depth alchemical energy activations and sacred time. Designed for advanced practitioners of meditation, healing, energy work and inner transformation.

Immersive and transformative experiences based on the mystical and practical philosophy of Damanhur. Our co-designed Labs to experiment with other experts and teachers in our magic lands.


Find our events and masterclass in the world.
Experience how Selfica helps our teachers to connect you to the energies of our sacred places.


School of spiritual Healing

The Damanhur School of Spiritual Healing is one of the world’s foremost intensive programs in holistic healing.

It has activated and trained thousands of healers around the world for over 40 years. It promotes an evolutionary approach to the wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

Alchemy School

Through a process of refinement and expansion, with knowledge and practice, with humility and consistency, you will become a true “alchemist” as you discover and amplify your innate talents, aptitudes and capabilities.

Divine Body Matrix

Every human being has an energetic structure that is part of our divine nature. You might not be fully aware of it, but it is likely that you have perceived its existence, maybe through a feeling of incompleteness. And it’s just like that. You are not yet complete. We all have an energetic body to be re-activated and integrated.

Lab of Life

Join us for this extraordinary journey of self discovery, unfolding along the rhythms of Nature and the cosmos. Experience the support of an unparalleled energetic field of Synchronicity and tap into the energies of the cosmos through the mystical Temples of Humankind.

Becoming an active agent of positive change will give deeper meaning to your life. Connecting with a loving, active community will give greater impact to your choices.

Deepening your connection with the Divine will give you more foresight, guidance and creative power.



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Hidden in the heart of a mountain, in one of the most powerful energy centers of our planet, is a magical construction that has been called the "eighth wonder of the world".
The Temples of Humankind are an extraordinary work of art, an "impossible " dream that awes and inspires thousands of visitors every year. The Temples are dedicated to planetary healing and to the awakening of the divine potential in every human being.