Community Design Experience School Basic Course
The Art of Living Together as a Transformative Path for Personal and Collective Evolution

Living together is an art and a lost archetype, according to the teachings of Damanhur founder Falco Tarassaco. He believed that the loss of community has disempowered individuals and slowed down our collective evolution; but we still carry the “mold” of this archetype and we can recover it.

In the Community School, participants are taken through a three-year training program that covers all aspects of community building based on the multi-faceted experiences of Damanhurians and other affiliated communities. In this two-day introductory course—which is the first two days of the Community School—you will be taken through the basics of creating community: establishing ethical principles, defining roles and responsibilities, growth through play and choosing complementary economies.

If you make the payment up to one month before the start of the course, we guarantee an early booking price after which the price increases by 20%.


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2 days



Ita / Eng




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Identifying the goals, forming a group, exercising leadership, and choosing territory are some of the points explored in the full Community School. The aim is to help others form cohesive groups that know how to bring together their values and create resilient partnerships, adding a new dimension to the way we live that may help society at large.

In addition to historical and theoretical lessons, the course also includes visits to the Damanhurian Communities, businesses and encounters with the citizens, to exchange experiences about the process of founding and developing communities, and the personal growth of the individual.