Community School: creating successful communities and groups
The Art of Living Together as a Transformative Path for Personal and Collective Evolution

After 40-plus years of thriving as a community with as many as 600 individuals, Damanhur has observed the social model of community life from every possible angle. We’ve used our creativity and higher channels of inspiration and knowledge to reimagine the best way to co-exist in solidarity. Living together is an art and a lost archetype, according to the teachings of Damanhur founder Falco Tarassaco. He believed that the loss of community has disempowered individuals and slowed down our collective evolution; but we still carry the “mold” of this archetype and we can recover it.

The Three-Year Course

In the Community School, participants are taken through a three-year training program that covers all aspects of community building based on the multi-faceted experiences of Damanhurians and other affiliated communities. Damanhur’s practical experience enables our course instructors to share their knowledge—both theoretical and practical—of tested models for transforming all aspects of community life into an evolutionary and artistic path.

The Community School takes place over three years, structured as a 16-day intensive, held once a year (suitable for those who travel from a distance) and include practical experiences of living together, both with the instructors and only among students, in order to understand and practice the addressed theoretical concepts in everyday life. The personal growth of the individuals and the group—as well as the issues raised by the groups that participate to increase their community experience—is facilitated and followed by tutors, who serve as reference points supporting the participants.

In this course, participants will study and enter into deep discussion around:

  • Relational dynamics and positive, constructive communication skills.
  • Co-living as a family and dealing with conflicts.
  • How to build a successful community—the risks and rewards.
  • Every aspect of social life, including education, health, economy, personal and collective growth, organization and more.
  • Spiritual Physics as an important training method to understand human nature, our inner personalities and the structure of the soul.

The whole program is interwoven with different playful dynamics, which challenge personal limitations, and through the Damanhurian game of Risk, a real training field for abilities and diplomatic skills all to be discovered.

If you make the payment up to one month before the start of the course, we guarantee an early booking price after which the price increases by 20%.


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14 days



Ita / Eng



Program and Dates

From Individual to Community: The first year provides tools to work on yourself and your relationship with others by embracing positive and constructive communication methods. These techniques are highly effective when constructing any community model, from a co-living family to business, to the birth of communities of a different nature.

Pre-requisites: A visit to Damanhur (minimum half-day) is required for this course.


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Growing the Community: This level includes consideration of the critical numbers needed for the growth of the group, the creation of new community functions, the rapport between older and newer members, and art and creativity as a driving force for growth.

Pre-requisites: Community School year 1


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Creating Longevity for the Community: This level delves deeper into social organization, basic services for physical and economic well being, the community’s political relations, exploration of the physical territory that will house the new community, and the first practical tests toward becoming a community.

Pre-requisites: Community School year 2


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Today the emerging reality is the human group, both in the world of work and in life choices: several large companies owe their success to the growth of individuals gained in working groups.

What yesterday was individuality today is network, connection: stimuli and needs are faced together, because knowing how to live together is more than the sum of economy and sociality, it is a human archetype lost in time, to be recovered to give new impetus to our evolutionary path.

From the basics of communication to social coexistence, we learn the necessary steps to build a creative existence through individual and collective growth paths.

The course allows us to live many experiences:

– to establish the ethical principles on which to base our existence;

– learn how to define roles and responsibilities;

– discover how to grow through moments of play;

– define an economy that supports collective growth;

– create useful functions in the group;

– living art and creativity as engines for growth.

The course provides tools for working on oneself and for a good relationship with others;

– teaches effective methods of positive and constructive communication for the creation of community and group models, from family to business.

– For the community part of life, widely tested models are exposed and compared, taking into account all aspects of social life: education, health, economy, personal and collective growth, forms of organization and more.

– accompanies the discovery of human nature, through different facets and relational aspects related to different ages of life.

The theoretical part is completed thanks to relational dynamics and experiences.