Cultivating Memories
Through the time seeds technology

The course “Cultivating Memories” continues the work done in the previous seminar, “Transforming Memories”, which is essential to participate in this course. Thanks to the time seeds technology, with the previous course, we have modified memories of the past in order to eliminate the negative consequences of the emotions connected to the memories, and to change our behavior in the present.

With the cultivation, however, we create “memories” associated to the future: we launch goals and projects related to our personal growth and our life desires, that a time seed positions in the ramifications of the future, creating a concrete possibility for us to reach and achieve them.

The work done with the “Transforming Memories” course has allowed us to have greater inner clarity, resulting in our serenity, and to therefore better identify our desires and our projects. (In this regard, we note that there is a third course that is ideal to complete the two courses on memories. It is “Recognizing and Interpreting Inner Answers”, which is also based on the time seeds technology and creates an open dialogue among our inner personalities.)

The first step is to set ourselves goals: goals that are connected to our values ​​and that we find pleasure in realizing, and not only a sense of duty. We imagine what we would like, which projects we wish to achieve in our lives in the next five, ten or twenty years. Of course, it is about setting objectives of which we are protagonists, not mere flukes like winning a lottery or encountering a soul mate. We also add that our projects cannot come into conflict with the free will of others: it’s great to launch the project “Founding a publishing house together with other partners to publish books of original thinkers”, while “Founding a publishing house with Tom to publish books by Bill” could set a restriction to Tom and Bill’s freedom.


Once the goal is set, it is appropriate to identify intermediate targets, which take us step by step in the right direction: “I begin to take care of publishing”, “I inform myself about public funding”, “I go into contact with the cultural circles in my city”, etc.

The time seed will project the final objective and the intermediate milestones along the ramifications of the element time, making it more likely to achieve them. Attention: it is up to us, with our energy, our intelligence, our passion and our effort, to achieve them. We cannot delegate all the work to the seed. However, the event will already be present in each one’s time fabric as a beacon and will light the way to its realization.


A fundamental element of each goal is the motivation. Behind each goal there is a reason of which we must be aware because it is the energy that we can dedicate to go in the direction we want. “I want to found a publishing house to make up for my ignorance in the past”, “because I want to feel important”, “because I want the gratitude of readers and writers”… every motivation is valid, personal, and helpful. Take great care to understand it, modify it if you find it futile but try not to judge it: it is part of you.


Take a notebook and write down your final and intermediate goals. Write them neatly, clearly, also through the description of images (“I’m sitting at my desk, in front of the freshly printed copies of the last essay that we just released…”). It is necessary that every time you bring attention to the objectives, reading them, they are understandable and clear.

Regularly, once or twice a week, read them and imagine you get closer and closer to them. At the same time, operate in the direction accordingly.


It is possible, indeed likely, that some objectives change over time, that they become more specific, and reveal aspects that had not initially been considered. Modify them accordingly; a life project is also something that can be subject to changes over time. The important thing is to not lose the thread of the future.

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During the course, a time seed is inserted in the aura of each participant. It has a double sense of development: one branch, as in the case of the seed related to transforming memories, develops towards the past and allows one to continue the work undertaken in the previous course. Another branch goes toward possible futures, “transporting” our projects.

The use of time seeds is possible through the use of Selfic devices.

This second seed connected to memories does not have a deadline; it can continue to sprout throughout our whole life, if we nourish it with our attention and use it. Otherwise, after about three months, it withers.

The Damanhur University instructors are at your disposal to clarify any doubts that may arise and to give advice relating to this course. It is a pleasure to share our experience.