Activate your divine Body Matrix

This is the second step in the Damanhurian DiVINE MATRIX alchemical energy process to sustain your evolution. It will continue to further your awakening, building on all the activations you have already received and experimented with. It will expand the growth of your Consciousness. And it will give you new, practical and effective tools for transformation whatever your spiritual practice is.

In this second module, we will complete the activation of the subtle organs connected to the 7th and 8th energy center. We will explore the connection between the 8th energy center, the Sense of Dreaming and the ability to manifest on the plane of everyday reality.

We will share exercises and practices to easily reach the state of theta waves in our brain, and to activate the pineal gland: we can then start to master lucid dreaming and change the subconscious programming that creates our reality.

And as our perception of the world— and therefore our reactions to it, our thoughts and hormones we produce as a consequence—depends on our memories, we will put at your disposal our unique “time seed” technology. Time seeds make it possible to sustain an alternative personal timeline: in this process, you will use it to transform memories that create limiting beliefs and reactions that do not serve your growth and happiness.


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8 days







This course is only recommended for advanced practitioners of meditation, healing, energy work and inner transformation.

  • The activation of the Sense of Dreaming and the “Dreamer Unleashed” full program.
  • An alchemical process to transform your limiting memories with your personal “Time Seed”, that will sustain the creation of a new, alternative timeline.
  • One night in the Hall of Mirrors to complete the activation of the Sense of Dreaming.
  • 4 different dynamics/meditations in the Temples that include 3 activations of Subtle Organs.
  • Half a day of Damanhur’s philosophy and
    spiritual physics on the Divine Matrix of the Human Body.
  • Sacred Dance to integrate your new subtle organs.
  • Practice in the Crystal Spiral.
  • Walking integration in the Stone Circuits.
  • One session of pranoself.
  • A Selfic device for meditation.
  • A welcome aperitif with the Facilitators.
  • A closing lunch celebration at Tarassaco Organic Farm.