Integrate your Multifaceted Nature and Find Inner Peace

Each of us lives a complex reality of desires, thoughts, dreams and ideas. Our cultural education and genetic make-up teaches us to think of ourselves as a single individual, but in reality the physical body is shared by multiple “individuals” known as “personalities”—parallel to the individual organs that make up the physical body—each with its own function fundamental to the workings of the whole.

The fact that we often have conflicting feelings is a direct result of the composition of these multiple parts with seemingly opposing goals. This is the true nature of the human being—multifaceted and multiform—and these personalities represent a great potential and extraordinary wealth when we learn to create harmony between them and unify their goals.

Like an orchestra of musicians, each section has its own lead which takes charge depending on the present situation. When your personalities are in harmony, the result is a rich symphony of united sound, but when there is friction, all you get is noise. The ultimate goal of this two level course is to develop the techniques to become the conductor of this powerful group of artists and create a melodic masterpiece.

Exercises learned are based on forms of artistic expression and play, in addition to various meditation techniques. The end result is to define, contact and harmonize our diverse personalities in order to resolve inner conflicts and achieve a greater level of integrated wellness. According to Damanhurian Spiritual Physics, the Inner Personalities are part of our soul structure, and along with the attractor, connect the divine within us. According to this theory, when we learn to recognize and recall these aspects, we can guide an enormous richness of talents and possibilities with the ultimate goal of achieving enlightenment.



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Each of us is a complex reality of thoughts, ideas, dreams and desires.

Often we experience that these aspects within us are in conflict, even antithetical, as if we were made up of multiple parts, of multiple people, each with their own well-defined character and with their own way of thinking and seeing reality, trying to be consistent in directing the show.

This is the nature of human beings, multifaceted and multiform, composed of different personalities that are certainly a huge potential and a great richness, if we learn how to know them. Often it is the inner “conversations”  that form the base of our most creative moments and most important choices.

It is they who create the intimate tension required to enable us to use our free will, to give us the opportunity to be the masters of our lives.

Because of our cultural background and genetics we are used to thinking about  us as a unique individual, when in fact our physical body is shared by multiple personalities, by more “individuals”. The goal of this course is to create a real inner journey, to bring the different personalities together and to open a constructive dialogue between them, through stimulating dynamics, games, funny insights and of course the  right support of theoretical knowledge.

Having understood the theory in the first level and therfore starting the work of harmonizing the different parts of self, in the second level you learn to apply the Damanhurian theory of the personality as a path of self-healing.

This means to deepen the contact and harmonization of the personality, come to the resolution of inner conflicts by creating goals of common interest that we steer our energy to, thus reaching general well-being. During the course, among other things, we use various techniques of artistic expression: painting, theater, poetry and the use of voice.

During the entire course you gather “traces” and evidence of the parts that make your complex inner self, until you create a new and more functional balance, an “order” on a more aware and complex level.


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